Review of Grout Boost Grout Sealer Additive

Grout Boost is a grout additive that mixes with the grout instead of water and supposedly seals the grout.  It promises mold and mildew resistance for the grout and claims that you will never have to go back and seal the grout. In theory Grout Boost seems like a perfect product for sealing grout. The ability to not have to go back and seal the grout after installing it is a great time saver for DIYers and tile installation professionals alike. We will see how it performs for sealing grout in our grout sealer testing.

grout boost grout additive review

Grout Boost mixes with standard cement based grout. Instead of using water to mix the grout you simply use a premixed container of the Grout Boost with a bag of cement based grout.   Grout Boost comes in sanded and unsanded grout formulations.  The product is simple to use and it is sold at Lowe's home improvement stores. It seems like this product works much like a normal latex additive that was supposed to strengthen and improve the water resistance of the grout. The latex additive is no longer sold in Lowe's but this product is now being sold. In our testing this product had all the similar characteristics of a normal latex grout additive when mixing and applying the grout.

In our testing the Grout Boost did little to seal the grout.  The stains and contaminates almost immediately soaked right into the grout and provided almost no stain resistance for the grout. The grout sample does not look too stained because the stains so easily soaked into the grout without any beading characteristics of a quality grout sealer. The contaminates immediately soaked into the grout and stained it before you would have a chance to wipe the stains off the surface of the grout. This product seems like a complete waste of money and we do not recommend using this product for sealing grout.

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