Review of Miracle's 511 Impregnator Sealer

511 Impregnator Sealer has been a favorite sealer for many tile installers. It is a relatively high VOC solvent based sealer that can be used on all types of tile, grout and stone surfaces. It has a unique formula that seems unlike any of the sealers we tested. It's unique molecular structure has a reputation of being more water resistant in wet shower environments than other types of sealers. We did not test whether or not this sealer provides superior water resistance in wet shower area but we do test to see how well in performs at protecting grout and stone samples from becoming stained.

511 impregnator review

It performed about average as a grout sealer with many of the contaminates staining the sealed grout sample. The contaminates stained the grout sample at about an average level to the other consumer based tile and grout sealers we tested. Having to endure the relatively high VOC levels for this level of grout sealant protection did not seem worth it when using this sealer for sealing grout The contaminates did seem to bead up well on the sealed grout sample which reinforces the notion that this sealer may indeed provide superior protection against water in wet shower environments.

As a relatively high VOC sealer it is expected that the sealer will soak deep into grout and stone and provide superior protection. In our previous testing of this sealer it did not perform up to those expectations and during this round of grout sealer review little has changed.

As a supposedly high grade stone sealer the 511 impregnator did not appear to protect our stone sample well.  The contaminates severely stained the sealed stone sample much more than virtually any other sealer in our stone sealer review. The unique formula of the 511 impregnator seems to absorb the contaminates and become extremely stained. The oil, wine and even hot pepper contaminates left glaring stains on our sample that were impossible to remove. We would not recommend using this sealer for sealing natural stone tiles or slabs.

511 impregnator stone sealer review

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