Stonetech Impregnator Pro Tile, Grout and Stone Sealer Review

Stonetech Impregnator Pro is a professional level solvent based tile, grout and stone sealer.  It has a long standing reputation as an excellent solvent based grout and stone sealer. It uses the older tried and true fluoropolymer based sealant technology. Solvent based sealers have the advantage of using smaller molecular structures to soak deep into even the most dense non-porous stones. Also solvent based sealers are generally more easy to apply and have a lower risk of hazing up on the surface of the tiles.

stonetech impregnator pro review

Stonetech Impregnator pro is a relatively high VOC level solvent based sealer.  The advantage of this older solvent based sealant technology is it will absorb deep into the grout and stone when sealing them. Also this solvent based sealer is extremely easy to use and it is virtually impossible to leave streaks or a sealer haze when used correctly. Impregnator pro dries slower and with less hazing potential than water based sealers The solvent based technology allows you to quickly and easily wipe up any excess sealer on the tiles without any streaking or hazing issues.

Another advantage to solvent based sealers is the ablity to remove any sealer haze with them.  A sealer haze left with a solvent based sealer can be reactivated by simply adding more sealer to the tiles and then wiping the haze away. With many types of water based sealers a sealer haze that is left do to improperly sealing the tiles must be stripped away to be removed. This can be a labor intensive and dirty task that may not even be possible if there is a sealer haze left on some types of delicate stone tiles. Using a solvent based sealer may not provide the best sealant to the grout and stone but it is definately more fool proof when applying.

We found the impregnator pro worked well as a grout sealer in our grout sealer review.  The stains and spills all beaded up well on the grout sample. The staining of the grout samples was not the best of all the sealers tested but still provided above average protection for the grout. Using this type of sealer on ceramic and porcelain tiles is extremely easy as the excess sealer can be easily wiped off the tiles. The high VOC level may give sensitive people some issues but the vapors and fumes all disappear within an hour or two.

As a stone sealer the impregnator pro performed about average as other stone sealers tested. The older fluoropolymer technology did not provide as much protection as some of the newer water based sealers on the market today. Still you can always count on the impregnator pro to give you a streak free sealer that is easy to use and absorbs deep into the natural stone.  The Stonetech Bulletproof with the newer microbond technology perfomed better in our stone sealer review than the Stonetech Impregnator Pro. Still many people prefer solvent based sealers and this solvent based sealer performed better than the other solvent based sealers we tested for sealing stone tiles.

stonetech impregnator pro stone sealer

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