AquaMix Ultra-Solv Premium Solvent Based Sealer Review:

Aquamix Ultrasolv is AquaMix's premium solvent based sealer.  It is advertised to provide maximum stain protection in food preparation and serving areas. AquaMix Ultra-Solv is not nearly as popular as the other Aquamix sealer products on the market. It seems to be somewhat of a niche sealer that may have its uses in particular restaurant or food preparation environments. We are unsure how the unique characteristics of this sealer will play out as a consumer based sealer in our standard grout and stone sealer tests. In our testing we see how well it performs when sealing out some common contaminates and food based stains.

aquamix ultra-solv review

Aquamix Ultra-Solv is a high VOC based sealer and is is not used as much as the more common water based AquaMix Sealers Choice Gold. It's 750 g/L VOC level is much higher than water based sealers. There are many tile installers and contractors who are more comfortable using solvent based sealers. We are unsure of what the unique properties of this sealer make in favorable to use in food preparation areas. In our testing we are only able to test for how well it prevents grout and stone samples from being stained by common food based contaminates.

In our real world testing it did not do any better or worse then some of the other mid range sealers in our grout sealer review. There were still many pronounced stains on our grout sample. Due to the high VOC level and the less than optimal stain protection for grout we would not recommend this high VOC based sealer for sealing grout.

As a stone sealer the Aquamix Ultra-Solv performed below average in our stone sealer test.  The stain contaminates produced noticeable staining and the wine stain did not bead up well. We really find no reason to use a high VOC solvent based sealers that provide below average sealing results for sealing stone tiles.

aquamix ultra-solv stone sealer review

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