Aquamix Sealers Choice Gold Grout and Stone Sealer Review:

Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold has been the sealer of choice for many tile installation and grout restoration professionals. It is a relatively low VOC water based sealer with the latest microbond technology. Its 47g/l VOC level is higher than some of the other water based sealers but the VOC level is still relatively low when compared to any solvent based tile and grout sealer. Aquamix sealers choice gold is one of the higher priced sealers on the market and we see if it is worth it to pay the extra price for this tile, grout and stone sealer.

aquamix sealers choice gold

Aquamix Sealers Choice Gold has had a good reputation for many years as a high quality sealer.  It is praised by many tile installation professionals and gets high praise in many internet forums. While the name of this sealer has stayed the same the formulation has changed many times. Originally Aquamix Sealers Choice Gold was a solvent based sealer. In recent years it has switched to become a water based sealer with the latest microbod technology. In our previous testing with this sealer it performed as the best sealer on the market for sealing and protecting grout. In our most recent grout sealer review this sealer did not perform as well as it did in previous tests.

Aquamix Sealers Choice Gold is now being sold at many home improvement stores.  While being sold in many home improvement stores does not necessarily make it an inferior sealer we feel that the formula has changed again making this not the best sealer on the market for sealing grout. Its performance is only slightly better than the many non-professional sealers that are sold at these home improvement stores.

There are many pronounced stains on the grout sample that put it in line with the other consumer based sealers sold at home improvement stores  The wine and mustard contaminates left stains on the grout sample that are in line with consumer based sealers. Wine and mustard are typically the most hard to remove stains on grout but a professional level grout sealer should do more to protect the grout than this test shows.

In our opinion the solids content of this sealer has gone down which makes it much easier to work with and less prone to streaking and leaving a sealer haze on the tiles.  The consequences of having less solids content in the sealer is that it does not protect the tile, grout and stone as well as a higher contents sealer. The high cost of this sealer does not justify it sealant capabilities in our opinion.

As a stone sealer the Aquamix Sealers choice gold also did not perform much better than many of the consumer based sealers on the market.  The wine and oil stains were quite pronounced and the sealer did not protect the natural stone better than some of the other stone sealers in our stone sealer review. As a high priced stone sealer product this sealer did not match the price expectations of a quality stone sealer.

aquamix sealers choice gold grout sealer review

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