Review of Grout Shield's Grout Additive For Sealing Grout

Grout Shield is a grout additive that mixes with the grout instead of water to seal the grout.  The ability to seal the grout when mixing it and never having to go back and seal the grout saves a lot of time and money. It is manufactured by miracle sealants company and it has a 20 year warranty for sealing grout. We will see if this product performs as advertised.

grout shield grout additive review

Grout Shield is sold in Home Depot stores and is manufactured specifically to be mixed with the polyblend sanded grout that is sold at Home Depot.  In our testing we used the bright white polyblend sanded grout for all of our testing in our grout sealer review. It is advertised as having anti-microbial properties and promises that you will never have to seal the grout. While all these claims, warranties and promises seem well and good they can be difficult to enforce and are typically not worth much in actual real world situations when the grout additive does not perform well and your grout has become stained.

In our testing we found that the Grout Shield grout additive provided little if any protection for sealing the grout.  The contaminates and stains were quickly absorbed by the grout without any beading characteristics of properly sealed grout. You would be unable to clean up any spills before the spills were immediately absorbed by the grout. We found this grout additive sealer product to be simply a waste of time and money and provided virtually no protection for the grout.

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