Review of Dupont's Quick-Sealer Aerosol Tile and Grout Sealer

Dupont's Quick-Seal is an aerosol sealer that can be installed in as little as 2 hours after grouting the tiles.  This aerosol based sealer allows professional installers to grout the tiles and seal the grout the same day and seems like a time saver for DIYers and tile installation professionals. It also seems easy to apply using the spray on aerosol applicator. We will see how well this sealer actually works for sealing grout.

dupont quick seal aerosol grout sealer

Aerosol sealers have been around for years and this is Dupont's latest offering in an aerosol based sealer.  It can be convenient to grout tiles and seal the grout the same day and using an aerosol may seem like an easy and convenient way to seal grout. There has always been issues with using an aerosol based sealer. The first issue is the aerosol will atomize the sealant particles allowing them to be easily breathed in. Using tile and grout sealers is never too healthy of a job but in our opinion atomizing and breathing in sealer particles makes the job that much more unhealthy.

A big problem with aerosol based sealers is they are only able to apply a thin layer of sealer that does not fully penetrated deep into the grout. This is probably why you can use this sealer in as little as 2 hours after grouting the tiles. This thin layer of sealer will not adequately protect the tile and grout and this is proven in our grout sealer review using this sealer.

In our actual testing of this sealer we found that the quick seal aerosol grout sealer did little to protect the grout. The spills and stains did not bead up at all on the grout samples and were quickly absorbed by the sealed grout. The level of protection for the grout was little if any and it seems to be a waste of time and money to use this type of sealer.

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