DRYTREAT Stainproof Tile, Grout And Stone Sealer Review

Dry Treat's Stain-proof has always had a very high reputation with many tile installers and tile, grout and stone restoration professionals.  Drytreat Stain-Proof has been touted for years as having an advanced sealant technology that is not available in other sealers. It states that the sealer will form a permanent bond to the stone or grout that never needs to be reapplied. It also is advertised as having a 15 year warranty when installed by an approved Drytreat applicator. It is very expensive and has very high VOC levels that far exceed the VOC levels of any other sealers we tested. We see if the high price and dealing with the high VOC levels justifies using this tile, grout and stone sealer product.

drytreat stainproof stone and grout sealer

Aquamix Ultra-Solv is a high VOC based sealer and is is not used as much as the more common water based AquaMix Sealers Choice Gold. It's 750 g/L VOC level is much higher than water based sealers. There are many tile installers and contractors who are more comfortable using solvent based sealers.

Drytreat is the sealer used by many of the "forever seal" companies that promise to permanently seal your stone and countertops with a sealer that will last the life of the stone.  There are 15 year warranties with these "forever seal" companies but grout and stone sealer warranties are typically hard to enforce in real world situations. The VOC level of this sealer is extremely high at greater than 1000 g/L and is the highest VOC level of any sealer we tested. It is necessary to have proper ventilation when using this sealer in any enclosed area. A respirator should be used when installing this sealer in any type of enclosed area. You can save yourself a lot of money over these "forever seal" companies by sealing your natural stone yourself but proper care must be taken to deal with the fumes of this extremely high VOC level sealer.

Drytreat Stainproof is manufactured in Australia and is the most expensive sealer we tested.  The price of this sealer typically runs around $60-100 per quart depending on where it is bought. It is only sold online or in specialized tile and stone stores and can only be shipped in quarts due to laws covering high VOC products. This is typically a sealer that is applied by certified Drytreat installers but it can be installed by many industrious DIY homeowners who can cope with the toxic fumes or who have a respirator available.

In our testing the Drytreat Stainproof performed better than average for sealing grout.  The stains from the contaminates were not pronounced and this sealer seemed to do a good job of sealing grout. The sealer did leave a somewhat pronounced staind with the wine sample and did not do better than some of the premium water based low VOC sealers. The high price tag of this sealer combined with high VOC levels do not seem to justify using this sealer for sealing grout alone.

As a stone sealer the Drytreat Stainproof performed as good or better than any other of the stone sealers tested.  This product is solvent based sealer with a smaller molecular structure that can go deep into the natural stone and protect it. The wine did leave some stain but it was much less than the consumer based sealers we tested. The DryTreat Stainproof performed as good or better than any sealer we tested for protecting natural stone.

drytreat stain proof stone sealer review

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