Dupont Premium Stone Sealer Review

Duponts Premium Stone Sealer is a water based sealer using Dupont's newer Teflon based technology.  It is conveniently located at Lowe's home improvement stores and it is advertised to protect your stone tiles and slabs for up to 5 years when used in indoor applications. We tested this sealer to see how well it actually seals stone tiles as well as how well it works for sealing grout.

dupont stone sealer

Dupont's Premium Stone Sealer is specifically designed for sealing stone tiles such as granite, marble travertine and slate. It can also be used to seal the grout between the stone tiles although that is not what it is specifically designed for. When sealing stone tiles you are forced to use a stone specific sealer for also sealing the grout. As a grout sealer this sealer performed adequate as a budget based sealer. There were some pronounced stains that were not present with higher quality professional grout sealers. It did still perform better in our grout sealer review than the budget based sealers from TileLab that are sold at Home Depot.

As a stone sealer the Dupont Premium Sealer performed better than any other of the budget based sealers sold today. The Dupont Teflon technology provided good sealing results for a budget based sealer. It still did not perform as well as some of the the professional stone sealers in our stone sealer review. Also the Dupont Teflon technology that is used for sealing stone is a relatively new technology and has not been adequately field tested so we are somewhat uncertain how this Teflon based sealer technology will hold up over time.

dupont premium stone sealer on marble

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