Review of Tilelab's SurfaceGard Stone, Grout and Tile Sealer

TileLab's SurfaceGard is Custom Building Products premium sealer for tile, grout and stone.  It is a relatively high priced sealer matching the high price of some of the other professional grade sealers we tested. It offers a 20 year warranty but sealer warranties are often difficult to enforce. Being the best sealer that Custom Building Products has to offer in home improvement stores we will see if it actually performs as a professional grade tile, grout and stone sealer.

tilelab surfaceguard review

TileLabs SurfaceGard is advertised as a professional grade sealer lasting up to 20 years and can be conveniently purchased at most Home Depot home improvement stores.  It is a water based sealer with relatively low VOC levels. Although it is advertised as a 20 year professional grade sealer we know that those advertised numbers do not mean much in real world applications.

As a grout sealer the TileLab SurfaceGard did not perform any better than any of the other budget based grout in our grout sealer review.  The staining was quite pronounced from some of the staining contaminates. The budget based Dupont Grout Sealer that is sold at Lowe's actually performed better than this sealer for sealing grout. The TileLab SurfaceGard seems way overpriced with only average sealing results for sealing grout.

As a stone sealer the TileLab sealer also produced below average results. Most of the contaminates produced excessive staining and we would not recommend this sealer for protecting natural stone tiles and slabs. You are much better spending a little more money to purchase a professional grade stone sealer to protect your expensive stone tiles and slabs.

tilelab stone sealer review

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