Laticrete Latasil 100% Silicone Caulk Colors

Latasil Caulk Colors

By Troy Cantini

Laticrete Latasil is a 100% silicone caulk that is made to use in showers and wet areass.  Laticrete latasil is preferred by quality tile installation professionals. It will not grow mold in it or peel away and crack like other types on acrylic caulks. It comes in many custom colors to match the colors of just about any shower tile installation project.

Laticrete Latasil silicone caulk

You should try to choose a caulking color that most closely matches the color of your tiles.  You do not necessary want a caulk that matches your grout color. Since most of the caulking will be in contact with the tiles you want the caulking to blend in with the tiles as much as possible. You want the caulking to blend in with the shower as much as possible and to not disctract from the look of the shower.

Latisil is not available at the big box stores but can be bought online or at some specialty tile supply stores.  It generally takes two (2) tubes of latasil caulk to caulk a standard shower or to professionally recaulk a bathtub surround tile installation. .  Only one (1) tube of Latasil is required for smaller recaulking jobs like when caulking a toilet or recauking a granite countertop.  Latasil is definitely more expensive than the big box store caulks but it is worth the extra price to have a professional looking caulking job that will last and not grow mold or mildew in it.

latasil bright white caulk

latasil almond caulk

latasil mushroom caulk

latasil antique white caulk

latasil marble beige caulk

latasil latte caulk

latasil parchment caulk

latasil sand beige

latasil chestnut brown

latasil silver shadow

latasil smoke grey caulk

latasil sterling silver caulk

latasil natural grey

latasil toasted almond

latasil mocha caulk

latasil platinum caulk

midnight black

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