We provide professional DIY tips and  techniques for cleaning, sealing and restoring all types of tile, grout and stone.


The North American Tile Cleaning Organization's website is operated by tile and grout cleaning professionals.  Our website is designed to give professional advise for DIYers and contractors alike. Our professional tips and advice can save you a lot of time, money and frustration when cleaning, sealing and restoring your tile, grout and stone.

Understanding what is involve to clean and restore your tile and grout can help you make a good decision when hiring a professional contractor to do the work for you.  You can read more HERE about how to hire a tile and grout cleaning and restoration contractor.

Cleaning a ceramic tile floor requires using the proper cleaning products and procedures. Improper cleaning products can leave a sticky file on the ceramic tiles that is difficult to clean up later. [...]  Read More

It is imporant to always seal grout whenever you deep clean a ceramic tile floor. Properly sealing the grout will protect it from becomming dirty and stained.   [...]  Read More

Shower grout that is cracked and broken can allow water to get into the walls of your home. Replacing the grout is typically the best option for keeping mold and water from getting behind the tiles.  [...]  Read More

Moldy showers can spread mold and bacteria in your home. Killing and removing the shower mold will keep your shower and home clean, safe and healthy   [...]  Read More

Properly cleaning the grout haze after grouting tiles is extremely important. A grout haze that is allowed to set on the tiles can be extremely hard to remove later.  [...]  Read More

It is important to use the right type of cement based sanded vs unsanded grout for grouting your tile shower.   [...]  Read More

We review the most popular consumer and professional grade sealers to help you choose the best grout sealer.  [...]  Read More

It is important to use a high quality stone sealer for protecting your porous stone tiles. We review some of the more common stone sealers available.   [...]  Read More

Caulking the seems of your shower is important in keeping your tile shower totally waterproof. Using grout in the shower seems can often lead to cracks in the grout.  [...]  Read More

The grout in a tile floor can become dirty, discolored and impossible to clean. In these cases it is best to paint the grout to restore it back to its original condition. [...]  Read More

There are many reasons why the color of grout can look too light or splotchy and uneven. There are ways to darken grout and give it a much darker look with and even looking color. [...]  Read More

Sealing ceramic and porcelain tile floors with a glossy sealer can give the tiles and grout a glossy or matte sheen.  [...]  Read More

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